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Tiny House
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"Like a shadow -- I am and I am not." ~ Rumi
Far shore.
Off to the far shore. (photo by Mary Hulser)

Hi. My name is Rich. I am an artist who enjoys exploring the expression of what touches my heart. My medium of expression is photography and digital art.

I live in a tiny adobe casita in the tiny town of Silver City, located high in the foothills of the Gila Mountains of southwestern New Mexico. Here the air is pure, the sky big and the coyotes sing at night. I have a camera, laptop and printer. With these tools I document a favorite endeavor of mine — cultivating my creative process as a spiritual path.

A personal goal for my art is that it helps to inspire you — to serve as a passport into your own Inner Worlds. I would like for my artistic journey into self-discovery to be of benefit to you too, being a kindred Soul who has managed to find your way here via your own special journey.

I invite you to join me over on my blog, The Photo Art Journey, for this on-going creative process via the virtual portal of the Internet. And if you have a camera, that’s even better. So let’s explore together — via the heart and through the lens of the camera.

What is Photographic Art?

You may be wondering, “What is photographic art?”  Well, for me, I start with a sketch of the concept I first felt while in the field. Then I combine my photographs, digital painting, and vector graphics with the same intrinsic intent as a painter does when putting brush to canvas — an intention to bring an awareness into expression. Instead of paint, I use photons of light captured on the camera’s sensor, as well as created when painting upon my digital tablet monitor. I then transform this photonic image to a physical print by laying down the Lucia pigment inks of my printer upon a sheet of fine art archival paper. I like to call this process of creating my photographic art, “painting with light.”

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